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API Documentation #

ScalaDoc for Monix 3.x


Getting Started #

Quick-start template:

sbt new monix/monix-jvm-app-template.g8

Sub-projects #

monix-execution #

The monix-execution sub-project provides low level, side effectful utilities for dealing with concurrency, exposing the JVM’s primitives and building on top of the scala.concurrent package.

Java's Duke

monix-catnap #

The monix-catnap sub-project is for generic, purely functional utilities for managing concurrency, building on top of the Cats-Effect type classes:


monix-eval #

The monix-eval sub-project exposes the Task and Coeval data types, for dealing with purely functional effects in a principled way:

monix-reactive #

The monix-reactive sub-project exposes the Observable data type, along with adjacent utilities, a high performance streaming abstraction that’s an idiomatic implementation of ReactiveX for Scala:


monix-tail #

Cats friendly

The monix-tail sub-projects exposes Iterant, a generic, purely functional, principled, pull-based streaming data type:

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Presentations #

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