Privacy Policy

UPDATED: Jun 06, 2020

This website does not collect personally identifiable information, no first-party cookies are installed that could be used to track visitors and we strive hard to prevent tracking from any third-party services used to deliver content or to improve the experience.

Third-Party Services

Some embedded third-party services might drop cookies (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo players), however our implementation activates their “do not track” options when embedded.


This website uses a self-hosted (first party) Matomo instance for tracking users’ visits, with these characteristics:

  1. No cookies are being set and no cookies will be set in the future without explicit permission
  2. IPs are anonymized
  3. No data is being shared with any first party

We track visits, not visitors.


For any legal inquiries contact us at:

The address is changed periodically to avoid spam.