Monix: Version 3.0.0-RC5

Bug fix release, fixing a critical issue.

All users are advised to upgrade right away (if on RC4).

Changes #

  • #991 (PR #993): NullPointerException in Task when used in combination with Local
  • #992 (PR #998): hide InterceptableRunnable exposed accidentally, refactor it for efficiency
  • #997: bumped Scala version to 2.12.9 and Scala.js to 0.6.28

Upgrading #

To use the new version, include this in your build.sbt:

libraryDependencies += "io.monix" %% "monix" % "3.0.0-RC5"

Binary compatibility #

This release is binary compatible with 3.0.0-RC4 and 3.0.0-RC3.

With the only issue that a class in monix.execution.internal was accidentally exposed as public — classes in internal packages are internal, should never be used, so this class is now gone:

// Internals — accidentally exposed

This should not have an impact on any projects, but is good to know.