Monix: Version 2.0-RC11 Released

This release fixes one issue with Task, as it was discovered that flatMap loops aren’t automatically cancelable, a small oversight. Also CompositeCancelable.remove wasn’t working, a bug introduced in the previous release. Another bug that was fixed is in Consumer.foldLeftAsync, which wasn’t capturing errors properly.

This release introduces a major refactoring of the Task internal workings of its trampoline, as a serious optimization. As an example of what this brings, the conversion from a Future with Task.fromFuture has near-zero overhead and the performance of Task.gather and Task.gatherUnordered has improved significantly.

There are also breaking API changes, sorry about that, but these should come sooner rather than later, before marking 2.0 final. The zipWith (e.g. zipWith2, zipWith3) operators on Task and Observable and the combineLatestWith operators on Observable have been renamed to zipMap (e.g. zipMap2, etc) and combineLatestMap respectively. This because zipMap describes the operation much better and this name has also been used in the Typelevel Cats / Dogs libraries at least.

See the published API Documentation.

Bug fixes:

  • Issue #207: Task flatMap loop isn’t cancelable
  • Issue #210: Fixed CompositeCancelable.remove, a bug introduced in the last release (RC10)


  • Issue #208: Uniquely name threads generated from ThreadFactory
  • Issue #210: Refactorings for performance and coherence reasons, described below

Issue #210 changes for the monix-execution sub-project:

  • introduced the CallbackRunnable interface for marking Runnable instances that could be executed on the current thread, on a local trampoline, as an optimization
  • introduced LocalBatchingExecutor, a mixin for schedulers that can execute CallbackRunnable locally, using a trampoline
  • made AsyncScheduler for the JVM be able to execute CallbackRunnable instances by inheriting from LocalBatchingExecutor; but not on top of Javascript
  • fixed critical bug in CompositeCancelable that was introduced in the last release

Issue #210 changes for the monix-eval sub-project:

  • optimized Task.fromFuture to the point that it has near zero overhead

  • optimized Task.gather, Task.gatherUnordered, Task.sequence
  • Task.gather now forces asynchronous execution for the given tasks
  • Task.gatherUnordered also forces asynchronous execution
  • optimized the Task trampoline in general
  • introduced Callback.async wrapper and asyncApply extension method
  • renamed Task.zipWith to Task.zipMap (rename across the board, also for Observable)
  • added Task.executeOn for overriding the Scheduler
  • added Task.fork overload with a scheduler override
  • added Task.async as an alias of Task.create

Issue #210 changes for the monix-types sub-project:

  • moved all shims to monix.types.shims, in order to differentiate them from type-classes that are not shims
  • added the Deferrable type-class, to express lazy evaluation concerns (e.g. evalOnce, evalAlways, defer, memoize)
  • added the Evaluable type-class, for computations that will eventually produce a value

Issue #210 changes for the monix-reactive project:

  • for foldLeft methods, make the seed be just a normal by-name parameter instead of a Coeval, because otherwise it isn’t compatible with other type-classes / interfaces
  • affected methods are foldLeft, foldLeftAsync
  • rename zipWith to zipMap
  • rename combineLatestWith to combineLatestMap
  • add Observable.fromAsyncStateAction
  • fix Consumer.foldLeftAsync


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