Monix: Version 2.0-RC7 Released

This release candidate fixes a bug in Task.materializeAttempt and consequently Task.onErrorHandleWith. It also adds Scalaz integration and a TaskApp to make your friends jealous. Also the Atomic references in project Sincron are being brought back into Monix proper, in monix-execution, because project Sincron is for all intents and purposes part of Monix and has no further ambitions.

See the published API Documentation.

Bug fixes:

  • Issue #170: Task.materializeAttempt doesn’t work for BindAsync, leading to onErrorHandleWith not working with errors triggered in flatMap on async tasks

New Features:

  • Issue #171: Add Scheduler builder on the JVM that allows specifying just the ExecutionModel, piggybacking global otherwise
  • Issue #174: Scalaz integration (in addition to the Cats integration) for FP goodness
  • Issue #175: Reintroduce all of project Sincron into monix-execution, which means that now monix-execution exposes Atomic references. This project was split from Monix, but the decision didn’t make sense and the exposed functionality is super useful and in the spirit of monix-execution
  • Issue #176: now that we have Task, we introduce TaskApp, a safe App type that allows one to specify pure programs

New documentation pages:


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