Monix: Version 2.0-RC6 Released

The sixth release candidate, simplifies the Cats integration, introduces an alternative parallel Applicative instance for Task, changes the Observable.buffer operators to match the behavior in ReactiveX, adds observable builders from and Reader, adds Observable.executeOn, along with other utils and refactors the Pipe and ConcurrentSubject builders. Also contains bug fixes.

See the published API Documentation.

Breaking changes:

  • Issue #157: Renaming Observable.doOnCancel to doOnSubscriptionCancel because its meaning has changed since Monifu 1.x and it will cause pain
  • Issue #160 (breaking change): Revamp the buffer operators on Observable
  • Issue #161 (breaking change): Revamp the ConcurrentSubject and Pipe constructors

Bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Bug #153: already fixed in 2.0-RC5 for Task, but now also fixed for Coeval
  • Issue #155: Coeval enhancements and fixes
  • Issue #156: Adding Observable.doOnTerminate for executing a piece of logic when onComplete or onError happens, or when the subscriber stops the streaming with Stop
  • Issue #158: Observable.fromIterator takes now an optional onFinish callback for resource deallocation, because the Iterator interface doesn’t provide a close() that could be used
  • Issue #163: added Observable.fromInputStream, fromCharsReader and fromLinesReader for reading from, and data sources
  • Issue #164: Add Observable.executeOn, as alternative to observeOn
  • Issue #165: Simplification of the Cats integration


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