Monix: Version 2.0-RC5 Released

The fifth release candidate, re-introduces the Cats integration, introduces new Task operators doOnFinish, gather and gatherUnordered and changes the behavior of Task.sequence. Also contains a critical bug fix.

See the published API Documentation.


  • Issue #89 - reintroducing a minimal Cats integration, along with tests based on cats-laws. We are splitting monix.type into its own sub-project and monix-cats depends on it. This ensures that the pick what you use approach also works with monix-cats, as people wanting just Task should not get Observable, yet Observable needs integration as well.
  • Issue #149 - documentation related fixes
    • Improved the description of Task
    • Task.unit is now a final val
    • Task.never now shares the reference instead of building a new instance every time
    • Exposing Task.unsafeStartNow and Task.unsafeStartAsync, as otherwise Task.unsafeCreate is useless. So we should expose all of them, or none at all.
    • FutureUtils.Extensions.dematerialize was named “materialize” (WTF!) and is renamed
    • Task should inherit just from Serializable and not from Product
  • Issue #150 - add a new Task.doOnFinish operator that executes once a task is finished.
  • Issue #151 - changing Future.sequence to be ordered in both execution and effects
  • Issue #152 - introduce Task.gather which behaves like the previous sequence and Task.gatherUnordered which doesn’t do ordering for results either.
  • Bug 153 - Task.sequence and Task.gather return a shared mutable.ListBuffer



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