Monix: Version 2.0-M2 Released

The theme and the big issue of this release has been redesigning Task’s implementation and introducing Coeval. See Issue #141 for details.

See the published API Documentation.

List of changes:

  • Issue #88: the Task implementation has been redesigned from scratch
  • Issue #89: Cats integration has been tried and yielded very positive results, but is being delayed
  • Issue #96 and issue 99: add MulticastStrategy for safer building of multicast Observables
  • Issue #127: Introduce operators onErrorHandle and onErrorHandleWith
  • Issue #128: operators materialize, dematerialize and memoize for Task (and Coeval)
  • Issue #113: Introduce the bufferIntrospective operator
  • Issue #123: underlying protocol changes, did some fixes for the work that already happened for M1
  • Issue #131: renamed Ack.Cancel to Ack.Stop in order to differentiate it as a verb from Cancelable.cancel, because in version 2.0 they are two different actions (and it’s more semantically correct this way)
  • Issue #132: introduced the Observable.onCancelTriggerError operator
  • Issue #133: introduced the Observable.doOnDownstreamStop and doOnCancel (which is one reason for #131)
  • Issue #134: New operator Observable.switchIfEmpty
  • Issue #136: Clarify reactive streams, initiated monix.execution.rstreams for reusable subscription types and added the ReactivePublisher type-class for things that can be converted to org.reactivestreams.Publisher (both Observable and Task are instances)
  • Issue #140: Add type-class hierarchy, to be integrated with both Cats and Scalaz
  • Issue #141: reimplement Task from scratch, introduce Coeval, introduce Scheduler.executionModel



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