Monix: Version 2.0-M1 Released

Milestone release for version 2.0, supplied as a preview. The final 2.0 release should not have major changes compared to this first milestone, but API breakage can still happen.

This version is not production ready. Use at your own risk.

See the published API Documentation.

List of changes:

  • Issue #60 - initiated the docs sub-project with tutorials type-checked as part of the test process
  • Issue #88 - add Monix’s own Task, an alternative to Future and the Scalaz Task
  • Issue #89 - initial integration with Cats
  • Issue #90 - remove functionality that isn’t relevant to the purpose of Monix and be supported
  • Issue #91 - project rename and reorganization (epic API breakage)
  • Issue #93 - renamed Observable.onSubscribe to Observable.unsafeSubscribeFn, because it shouldn’t be used directly, unless you really, really know what you’re doing
  • Issue #94 - fixed comments style to ScalaDoc
  • Issue #96 - removed Observable.create because it is unsafe
  • Issue #100 - enhanced the Scheduler interface
  • Issue #102 - brought back sun.misc.Unsafe (actually this was done in separate project, as part of issue #104)
  • Issue #104 - separated the Atomic implementations in the Sincron
  • Issue #106 - enabled code coverage reports
  • Issue #111 - improved test coverage
  • Issue #114 - initiated the benchmarks sub-project to track performance issues
  • Issue #115 - Cancelable.cancel now returns Unit and not Boolean
  • Issue #118 - Fix materialize, add dematerialize
  • Issue #119 - Introduced Pipe, renamed Channel in ConcurrentSubject, renamed SynchronousObserver in SyncObserver, renamed SynchronousSubscriber in SyncSubscriber
  • Issue #121 - Clarified the contract for synchronous pipelines, got rid of the hacks from internal, replacing them with macro-driven extensions for Future[Ack]
  • Issue #123 - Changed the protocol of Observable.subscribe, back-pressuring onComplete and onError is now optional and Observable.unsafeSubscribeFn needs to return a usable Cancelable instead of Unit (big internal change)
  • Issue #125 - Modified contract of AsyncScheduler, added a new ExecutorScheduler


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