Converting Scala's Future to Task (Video)

A video tutorial showing the convertion facilities available for wrapping Scala’s Future APIs into Task.

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Task's Bracket, Cats-Effect's Resource and Streaming (Video)

A tutorial on usage of Task.bracket, Cats-Effect’s Resource and how that can be used in combination with streaming data types like Observable and Iterant.

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Monix: Version 3.0.0-RC2

This is the second release candidate for Monix 3, version 3.0.0-RC2.

The major theme of this release is compatibility with Cats-Effect 1.0.0.

Unfortunately we are late. See the announcement for the previous RC.

This release is 6 months late because of the work done on Cats-Effect 1.0.0, which involved several iterations of getting the contract of those type classes right and then translating those changes into Monix’s implementation. This included a major change in Iterant’s encoding and a rewrite of most of its internals, and major changes in Task’s internals as well.

Hopefully we can put all of this behind us and enjoy Monix 3 going forward. The current plan is:

  • if nothing major (no bug) is discovered, the final 3.0.0 is scheduled in exactly two weeks from now, on November 20-th
  • hopefully binary compatibility is preserved from RC2, but note that promises of binary compatibility can’t really be made for release candidates, so this is a best effort promise

The good news is that this release comes with a ton of features …

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Monix vs Cats-Effect

I’m the author of Monix and a major contributor to Cats-Effect.

This post describes the relationship between Monix and Cats-Effect, their history and when each should be used.

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Monix: Version 3.0.0-RC1

The 3.0.0 release is near and it’s going to be huge. This is the first of the two release candidates planned, see below for the timeline.

The theme of the 3.x series are:

  1. deep integration with Typelevel Cats
  2. deep integration with cats-effect
  3. a much improved Task, in concert with its cats-effect integration
  4. improvements across the board to Observable, CancelableFuture, etc.
  5. the introduction of monix.tail.Iterant, a purely functional, pull-based streaming alternative

Featured presentation:

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